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Celtic Thunder tickets for the tour dates in 2020 are on sale now! Celtic Thunder is an Irish singing group, established in 2007, renowned for their enthralling stage performances. The group first appeared at the Helix, in Dublin, Ireland, with the Celtic Concert Orchestra - directed by Phil Coulter. Celtic Thunder perform a diverse range of music, from classic Irish tracks, including those from several hundred years ago, to more modern songs, both solo and ensemble.

The band celebrates storytelling through singing and performance. Since 2007, Celtic Thunder have released 14 albums and 14 and counting DVDs of their stage shows, enjoying worldwide success. They've had more than 2.5 million DVD and record sales, while their YouTube channel has had over 49 million views. Celtic Thunder have also toured extensively in Canada, America and Australia. In 2011, Billboard named Celtic Thunder Billboard's Top World Artist, Album and Imprint. Current members include: Neil Byrne, Keith Harkin, Ryan Kelly, Damian McGinty (as a guest artist), Emmett O'Hanlon. The line-up has changed somewhat over the years.

Paul Byrom left in 2010 to establish his solo career. Then in 2011, Damian McGinty entered and won a chance to be on television singing show Glee, and so chose to leave. Colm Keegan joined in 2012 and then in 2013, Emmet Cahill departed. Sadly, George Donaldson passed away in 2014. Finally, Emmett O'Hanlon joined the group in 2014.

Celtic Thunder has a significant behind-the-scenes operation. The group is currently produced by Sharon Browne and directed by David Munro.

Albums released so far include:

  • 2008: Celtic Thunder
  • 2008: Act Two
  • 2009: Take Me Home
  • 2010: It's Entertainment
  • 2010: Christmas
  • 2011: Heritage
  • 2011: Storm
  • 2012: Voyage
  • 2012: Voyage II
  • 2013: Mythology
  • 2013: Christmas Voices (re-released as Holiday Symphony)
  • 2015: The Very Best of Celtic Thunder
  • 2017: Legacy: Volume I
  • 2017: Legacy: Volume II

Celtic Thunder's shows have appeared on a number of DVDs including: Celtic Thunder: The Show; Take Me Home; It's Entertainment!; Christmas; Heritage; Storm; Voyage; Voyage II; Mythology; Celtic Thunder Live & Unplugged; and Legacy. The group is currently on the North American 'Legacy' tour. Get your Celtic Thunder tickets now - Don't miss the Celtic Thunder tour dates in 2020!


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